Eat a Pastry, Eat the World: My Interview on the Experience Explorer

Eat a Pastry, Eat the World: My Interview on the Experience Explorer

A conversation with experiences expert Christina Herbach about the intersectionality of desserts, design, and exploring the world more deeply.

Shikha Kaiwar

It's been a bit quiet here as I've taken a reluctant but needed rest from the Internet. After a month of no writing or cooking, I feel no more rejuvenated, but spring is around the corner. Soon, it'll be time to take root, break through the dirt, and pop my head into the wide open, not quite ready, yet accepting that we never really are.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Christina Herbach, a friend and savant of all things experience design. She is an expert on peeling back the layers of what constitutes a meaningful experience and how to add more magic into our lives. Her newsletter, The Experience Explorer, captures the essence of this through diverse, compelling discussions with all types of creatives, and I'm so excited to share our delicious conversation with y'all.

In my interview, I discuss the role of desserts in a dining experience as well as my design process for creating new desserts. I also share the importance of following recipes while also using intuition and experience to create unique and delicious desserts (remember this post?). By the end, I hope you are inspired and energized to become a better cook, eater, and a more joyful person through pastry.

Check out my conversation on The Experience Explorer, and don't forget to sign up for Christina's newsletter to get the best of experience design in your inbox every month.